ui/ux design

More than just a pretty face

Your company’s website should look great, yes, but it also needs to work
for one very important person: your customer. That’s where UI/UX
(user interface/user experience) comes in.

Branded AF has the know-how to design and implement the latest
website UX to take your website from good to
“OMG this is the most bad-ass site eva!”


The skeleton version of your website, these black-and-white designs show how your web pages will flow and cohesively work together.

High-Fidelity Mockups

Let’s put some meat on those bones! Color mockups with design assets can be exported for development.


Give ‘er a test drive! Clickable prototypes and videos let you do a walk-through before launch.

This isn’t a marriage proposal or a tattoo. Let’s just chat, see if our styles mesh, and discuss if we might, in fact, be the chocolate to your peanut butter.